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Data for Coffee Roasters

I have a YM-10 Ambex hooked into a NI-9211A feeding to an old Mac. Works great for me!"


Behmor 1600 with Typica. Here is a shot from a side project that was requested by a home roaster customer. A few modifications allowed a 6 inch J thermocouple to be inserted into the drum.

Photo by Mario Champignon, T.A.N. Coffee

Sunny Sunday in Stafford, UK - roasting some blend matches on a 1 Kg Toper sample roaster with the NI USB TC01, listening to Dire Straits on Spotify. Took all of 3 minutes to connect up the thermocouple and away it went. Admire the modular nature of the programming behind it, allowing for customization for different roasters. Have put PostgreSQL on a central server and will be connecting up main roaster so I can spline and convert to large roaster profile. Epic.

Some work spaces do not have adequate space for a computer that can easily be used at the roaster. A touch screen mounted near the front of this Diedrich IR-1 allows Typica to be used with less table space at the machine than a laptop computer would require.

Photo by Neal Wilson, Wilson's Coffee & Tea

Video demonstration of connecting a coffee roaster to data acquisition hardware for use with Typica.

Video by Neal Wilson, Wilson's Coffee & Tea

Video demonstration of one way to use Typica to assist in developing a roast profile for a coffee.

Video by Neal Wilson, Wilson's Coffee & Tea

Video explanation of the reasoning behind Typica's roast profile translation feature.

Video by Neal Wilson, Wilson's Coffee & Tea

A fixed measurement offset is a common feature in data acquisition software, but I have never encountered a coffee roaster where measurement error followed so simple a pattern. This video covers the use of Typica's linear spline interpolated series feature to simplify matching roast profiles on different machines where the difference in measured values between the machines varies in a non-linear manner throughout the range of roasting temperatures. Includes instructions on collecting calibration data and setting up Typica to produce an appropriate calibrated data series.

Video by Neal Wilson, Wilson's Coffee & Tea