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Data for Coffee Roasters

Database Connection Settings

If database connection settings have not been previously configured or if an attempt to connect to the database with the current settings fails, Typica will show the Database Connection Settings window when the program is opened.

Typica uses a database managed by PostgreSQL to store records relating to your coffee. It is possible to use a limited subset of functionality without a database, however much of the design of Typica assumes that a database is available.

This window requests five pieces of information.

Once all of this information has been entered, you can click the "Connect" button. Typica will close this window and attempt to connect to the database using the specified information. If this connection attempt fails, the window will reappear so you can verify the connection information, ensure that the database is accessible, and try again.

If you do not wish to use a database, you can click the "Cancel" button. Note that if you do not connect to a database, Typica will bring this window up again the next time you start the program.

What Happens Next?

After Typica has connected to the database or you have pressed "Cancel" Typica will bring up one of two windows.