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Typica documentation is currently a work in progress. Once finished it will be divided into three parts. Part 1 details what hardware can be used with Typica, how to set up supporting software, and how to get started using Typica. Everybody setting up Typica for the first time should read at least the Supported Platforms and Hardware section before buying hardware they intend to use with this software. People who have used Typica previously may still want to skim this section and read Configuring Typica for your Hardware in detail. The Tips, Tricks, and Frequently Asked Questions section may also be particularly useful.

Part 2 covers every feature of Typica in detail. This can be read at your leisure and contains information that can help you use Typica more effectively. If you have a question about how a particular feature works, this is the place to look.

Part 3 is material that most people will never need to look at. It provides all of the documentation you might want to have if you intend to customize Typica to add new features or if you intend to write another program that is interoperable with Typica. The chapter documenting the database may also be useful for those who want to obtain information that Typica does not expose in exactly the way you'd like.

Until the relevant portions of the current documentation are finished, some may wish to consult the documentation for earlier versions of Typica. This includes the old user guide and the old Windows installation instructions.